Wednesday, 31 August 2011


D&D night!
An evening of battling bandits was had today! Now it wasn't really a battle but really more like a massacre. I'm not saying our band of roving adventurers was any stronger than those nasty bandits (who were trying to open the gate to the city and let in an awful lot of badness), but when you're hardly missing any of your attacks and the someone crits 2 rolls in a row, well lets just say those bandits didn't last too long :) Elspeth was in fine form dealing a good amount of damage and being a great controller (proning and immobilizing all in one go!) . After the encounter of last week we deserved a great fight and this was it!

Downside of the day?: wore my PAXEAST 2011 shirt all day and no one said anything :( oh well! I felt awesome regardless!

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