Thursday, 1 September 2011


T-minus 1 work day left until my vacation! and this time it will be a real vacation! no going on trips that last a week (exhaustion!), no moving, no unpacking, just plain old doing 'not much at all'.

So had the chance to see a screening of the movie 50/50 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogan. gotta love those emails from 'Scene' asking if you want to see a movie for free and before it opens in theatres. It wasn't the typical movie I would go and see in a theatre, honestly I probably would have preferred watching it at home, but hey it was an evening out for free :) The thing I like most about this movie was the fact that it was realistic, I don't want to mention why because then it would be spoiling it for those who want to see it.  I did enjoy it though, however I don't think I would ever re-watch it. Note to those intended to see it (especially the girls), bring Kleenex! I didn't cry for a while but closer to the end, well I just couldn't stop those water works!

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