Sunday, 11 September 2011

Last Day *sniff*

Back to normal as of tomorrow (ie work). Had a nice week off and a little sad that it's ending but such is life!

I spent my last afternoon trying my hand at home made pizza! The dough took forever but was so worth it! The sauce on the other hand left much to be desired to the hunt is on for the perfect pizza sauce! Here is a picture of the finished product that was cooked in the oven using my new pizza stone! It's a pepperoni and bacon pizza. The part with more cheese was Erick's part to try out (as i'm not a big fan of cheese I put less on my parts.)
Now the rest of the evening will consist of surfing online and playing Sally Spa :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

1 year older...

So I'm a year older now, well technically a few days older but having to tell people a whole new number just makes it seem like I'm a whole year older! Yay for 29! I keep thinking that once I've reached that magical age of 30 that I'll be all knowing and super mature and grown up. But lets get real, I'll never grow up (and who would want to!).

This week was supposed to be my relaxing vacation but honestly not a day has gone by that I didn't have to leave the house to do something *sigh*. Maybe I'll have one of those vacations some day. I did have a great time on my actual birthday (Thursday), we went to Parc Safari! I was able to feed a variety of animals including by not limited to: bison, deer, giraffes!!!!!!!!!!!! Was a great time, car got dirty, I got dirty, the animals got dirty....oh wait......they're already dirty!

Wednesday night we played our usual Encounters D&D but it was followed by Lair Assaults which is a location that you do over and over and over again each week (level 5) with different monsters and you can change characters. The goal is to accumulate points by completing different tasks! Looking forward to next week already! This week I played an uber healer, basically all I could do was heal! Was kind of fun, I think I may be a natural born healer!

Friday night was our Dark Sun game! Vanchu (my character) was dropped down to zero surges and then left almost blooded at the end! She's never been so low, but we've been fighting a lot of battles since the last extended rest! Thank goodness that after Friday's game we have another ER! Next game is in 2 weeks :)

Tonight was Erick's company golf tournament dinner (we don't do the golf thing during the day, just the supper). Food was tasty but was mostly stuff that Erick doesn't eat so a stop off at bell's was in order after that! Awesome to note though is that even though we did not attend the golf tournament we were still included in the draw for the door prizes! Both Erick and I won something! Erick won a really cute small and sleek popcorn popper! Myself, I won a really cool laptop desk (I've always wanted one!) It has a cup holder, pencil holder & a mini light (since my keys don't light up like Erick's this will come in handy!). Our table ended up having 4 winners for the door prizes, and considering we were only 6 at the table, that's a lot!!

Back home now using my new laptop desk and wondering what I should do for the rest of the night.....I am addicted to Sally Spa at the moment so maybe I'll play some more of that!

Side note: Happy 1st birthday to my kitty Cooper!!! Mommy loves you!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


For a vacation day today was quite busy. two appointments and then dinner out!

Dinner out was great though because it was for my birthday! We went to Pasta Express on Fleury because I love their penne with matriciana sauce, as well as the foccacia entre, yummy!!!!

Spend the rest of the evening as mom's and now back home doing the geeky thing of writing all my recipes down on little cards and putting them into the Betty Crocker recipe box!

2 more sleeps until my birthday!!

Monday, 5 September 2011


AHHHHHHHH 3 more sleeps until my birthday!!!  soooo exicted, going to Park Safari!!!!  yeah!!!!


This week-end was pretty awesome!
Saturday consisted of blowing almost my entire leftover extra money from my paycheck on stuff!!! ok it's stuff I needed (well some of it), but I don't regret it for one minute! I manged to find everything I was looking for and at reasonable prices too!!! I had a great shopping day!! How often does that happen? NEVER! needless to say I was in shock (and I think Erick was a little too) when I came home in a great mood and so very happy (again, never happens after I go shopping). A sample of some of my new awesome things! I would like to consider them my birthday gift to myself (except the shoes, those are from mom!)

Sunday we took a drive to Vermont for a family BBQ to celebrate the marriage of Erick's Aunt Francine to Roger :) We had a great time and spent the night. The next morning they brought us out for breakfast, now I'll be honest I wasn't expecting much but let me tell you, I had the best breakfast I've had in a very long time!! The eggs for soooooo good and flavourful, the bread was home made and amazing, the bacon was to die for, the sausages (yum), the hash browns also soooo good. I think if my stomach had been bigger I would have eaten everything twice over! I'm assuming everything was so good because they use local produce and meats that have been grown/raised by independent farmers, so none of this huge company overly processed crap. And to top it all off, everything I mentioned above was only $9!!!!!! unheard of prices for this quality here in Montreal. Can you tell I like my breakfast? LOL

Now we're back home (after a drive through small and twisty roads as to avoid traffic)! Decided to make a peach crisp tonight with the  peach pie filling I found in Vermont (cannot find any in Montreal for the life of me!!). It is very tasty and I already had 2 helpings along with my ginger green tea as a beverage. I also started writing all my loose recipes down onto recipe cards (also bought Saturday a reciepe box with cards in it!). Had to stop though because my hand was too sore!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Relaxing vacation?

Relaxing vacation, I haven't had one of those is a very long time! Every time I've either been moving or traveling somewhere. It will be nice to finally have a week that I truly do nothing of import. We are planning on going to a family bbq in Vermont but only overnight (looking forward to it), and I do want to visit Park Safari one day (but that's not stressful at all).

My birthday is in 6 sleeps! Do I like my birthday? YES! birthday's are great, I don't really care about the whole getting older thing! I just think of it as I'm getting smarter and more sophisticated.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


T-minus 1 work day left until my vacation! and this time it will be a real vacation! no going on trips that last a week (exhaustion!), no moving, no unpacking, just plain old doing 'not much at all'.

So had the chance to see a screening of the movie 50/50 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogan. gotta love those emails from 'Scene' asking if you want to see a movie for free and before it opens in theatres. It wasn't the typical movie I would go and see in a theatre, honestly I probably would have preferred watching it at home, but hey it was an evening out for free :) The thing I like most about this movie was the fact that it was realistic, I don't want to mention why because then it would be spoiling it for those who want to see it.  I did enjoy it though, however I don't think I would ever re-watch it. Note to those intended to see it (especially the girls), bring Kleenex! I didn't cry for a while but closer to the end, well I just couldn't stop those water works!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


D&D night!
An evening of battling bandits was had today! Now it wasn't really a battle but really more like a massacre. I'm not saying our band of roving adventurers was any stronger than those nasty bandits (who were trying to open the gate to the city and let in an awful lot of badness), but when you're hardly missing any of your attacks and the someone crits 2 rolls in a row, well lets just say those bandits didn't last too long :) Elspeth was in fine form dealing a good amount of damage and being a great controller (proning and immobilizing all in one go!) . After the encounter of last week we deserved a great fight and this was it!

Downside of the day?: wore my PAXEAST 2011 shirt all day and no one said anything :( oh well! I felt awesome regardless!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A double batch is better!

After seeing some of my friends make a foray into the world of blogging. I've decided to take a crack at it myself! Am i interesting? who knows! I guess a place where I can jot down my thoughts and what I'm up to in the world my geek-dom can't be all that bad.

So here's the thing, I'm a self-proclaimed geek girl. Now I wasn't always as 'geeky' as I am now, my lovely fiance has introduced me to the amazing world of such things as: D&D, video games, movies, etc etc etc and I have never looked back!

I would say my biggest initiation into geekdom would be PAXEAST 2011 (yes I'm new at all this!). PAX was amazing and tons of fun, if you don't know what PAX is check it out here . Seeing and meeting so many people into the same things I am was a feeling I can't describe! This is also where I received my first introduction into the world of D&D, a game that I now play on a weekly basis with a great group of guys!

I fill my days with a variety of geeky things. lately is has been the art of Mini painting! I'm happy to say that I have completed 3 minis and they just keep getting better (well in my opinion). Here are 2 of the ones I have done so far in order of completion: Enna & Elspeth

The other thing I'm into lately, that may not be considered geeky but I think it is, is baking! Tonight I'm baking some chocolate chip cookies for a bake sale being held at work tomorrow to raise money for the Dragon Boat Race i'm going to be in soon! Decided to take a few pics of the in process & completed workings of the yummy goodness that are cookies! I decided at the last minute to make a double batch because more cookies are just better!

Now I wish I could share with everyone, but you'll have to come to Montreal for that (or if you are here, to my work/house)!

Anyways, that's it for my geekyness today! Until tomorrow where I shall blog about the exploits of Elspeth and her band of roaming adventurers in the world of the Forgotten Realms!