Saturday, 10 September 2011

1 year older...

So I'm a year older now, well technically a few days older but having to tell people a whole new number just makes it seem like I'm a whole year older! Yay for 29! I keep thinking that once I've reached that magical age of 30 that I'll be all knowing and super mature and grown up. But lets get real, I'll never grow up (and who would want to!).

This week was supposed to be my relaxing vacation but honestly not a day has gone by that I didn't have to leave the house to do something *sigh*. Maybe I'll have one of those vacations some day. I did have a great time on my actual birthday (Thursday), we went to Parc Safari! I was able to feed a variety of animals including by not limited to: bison, deer, giraffes!!!!!!!!!!!! Was a great time, car got dirty, I got dirty, the animals got dirty....oh wait......they're already dirty!

Wednesday night we played our usual Encounters D&D but it was followed by Lair Assaults which is a location that you do over and over and over again each week (level 5) with different monsters and you can change characters. The goal is to accumulate points by completing different tasks! Looking forward to next week already! This week I played an uber healer, basically all I could do was heal! Was kind of fun, I think I may be a natural born healer!

Friday night was our Dark Sun game! Vanchu (my character) was dropped down to zero surges and then left almost blooded at the end! She's never been so low, but we've been fighting a lot of battles since the last extended rest! Thank goodness that after Friday's game we have another ER! Next game is in 2 weeks :)

Tonight was Erick's company golf tournament dinner (we don't do the golf thing during the day, just the supper). Food was tasty but was mostly stuff that Erick doesn't eat so a stop off at bell's was in order after that! Awesome to note though is that even though we did not attend the golf tournament we were still included in the draw for the door prizes! Both Erick and I won something! Erick won a really cute small and sleek popcorn popper! Myself, I won a really cool laptop desk (I've always wanted one!) It has a cup holder, pencil holder & a mini light (since my keys don't light up like Erick's this will come in handy!). Our table ended up having 4 winners for the door prizes, and considering we were only 6 at the table, that's a lot!!

Back home now using my new laptop desk and wondering what I should do for the rest of the night.....I am addicted to Sally Spa at the moment so maybe I'll play some more of that!

Side note: Happy 1st birthday to my kitty Cooper!!! Mommy loves you!

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