Monday, 5 September 2011


This week-end was pretty awesome!
Saturday consisted of blowing almost my entire leftover extra money from my paycheck on stuff!!! ok it's stuff I needed (well some of it), but I don't regret it for one minute! I manged to find everything I was looking for and at reasonable prices too!!! I had a great shopping day!! How often does that happen? NEVER! needless to say I was in shock (and I think Erick was a little too) when I came home in a great mood and so very happy (again, never happens after I go shopping). A sample of some of my new awesome things! I would like to consider them my birthday gift to myself (except the shoes, those are from mom!)

Sunday we took a drive to Vermont for a family BBQ to celebrate the marriage of Erick's Aunt Francine to Roger :) We had a great time and spent the night. The next morning they brought us out for breakfast, now I'll be honest I wasn't expecting much but let me tell you, I had the best breakfast I've had in a very long time!! The eggs for soooooo good and flavourful, the bread was home made and amazing, the bacon was to die for, the sausages (yum), the hash browns also soooo good. I think if my stomach had been bigger I would have eaten everything twice over! I'm assuming everything was so good because they use local produce and meats that have been grown/raised by independent farmers, so none of this huge company overly processed crap. And to top it all off, everything I mentioned above was only $9!!!!!! unheard of prices for this quality here in Montreal. Can you tell I like my breakfast? LOL

Now we're back home (after a drive through small and twisty roads as to avoid traffic)! Decided to make a peach crisp tonight with the  peach pie filling I found in Vermont (cannot find any in Montreal for the life of me!!). It is very tasty and I already had 2 helpings along with my ginger green tea as a beverage. I also started writing all my loose recipes down onto recipe cards (also bought Saturday a reciepe box with cards in it!). Had to stop though because my hand was too sore!

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